DavCrane,Inc. became a reality in 1999, followed by the opening of the Houston, Texas office in July of 2001.

In September of 2002 DavCrane,Inc. opened office and manufacturing facility in Harlingen, Texas USA.

DavCrane,Inc. was established for two specific reasons, marketing and production of the Caterpillar based crawler crane line. The other was to continue the development of industrial equipment based on outsourced sub-components.

The concept was to interface DavCrane,Inc. innovative crane models and safety devices with “off-the shelf” components, i.e.: Caterpillar, Manitowoc, Braden and Robway assembly line products. While pursuing and “out-sourcing” methodology and using the established in place sales, service, warranty, and marketing networks provided by its outsourced components which have a proven track record and are accepted in the industry.

In 2002 DavCrane,Inc. assigned exclusive distribution rights to Finning – Canada, a worldwide recognized Caterpillar distributor.

In 2003 DavCrane,Inc. produced the first Davis Pipelayer model DPL 2583, a unique innovation in the industry in more than half a century.

Today, DavCrane,Inc. is producing and developing new products for a market in constant evolution in order to satisfy more and more the users of our machines.